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      Motorized Sheer

      Motorized Sheer is an extension of the motorized roller blinds product, used in hotels, high-grade residential bedrooms, office French Windows and other occasions. The fabric of Motorized Sheer is divided into two kinds of light transmission and shading. The material is 100% polyester fiber cloth, the table and the back double layer gauze structure, and the intermediate layer polyester fiber curtain can be opened or closed to provide semi-transparent effect. The curtain fabric is usually treated with special anti-static, dust proof, anti-fouling and anti-mildew, which can effectively resist dust, moisture, splash or fingerprint in the air, and has excellent dirty resistance.
      A-ok motor has adjustable middle limit, which can be placed in the state of curtain body down. When the curtain body is in the vertical shading state, press the "switch" button, no matter where the soft curtain is, it will automatically reach the shading state.
      Motorized Sheer as a decorative indoor curtain, it mainly has the following characteristics:
      • Double layer fabric is zebra stripe, up and down can flexibly adjust the shading Angle, can prevent heat increase in summer and prevent heat loss in winter, so that the curtain has sound absorption and heat insulation effect;
      • Made of polyester non-woven fabric, warp knitted fabric, knitted fabric, woven fabric and other materials to meet more personalized needs;
      • Fabric with special processing, can be flame retardant, anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, waterproof, anti-oil, antibacterial and other environmental protection functions:
      • Virous of the installation structure, including conventional down open type, up and down open type, up and down combined day and night curtain type, etc.

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