Although the aesthetics of the room do not depend entirely on the style of the furniture, the furniture does in fact have a very important role. When choosing a unique set of furniture to decorate your home, you need to consider the style, proportion and shape of the furniture. If you don't know how to choose your furniture, these are several coffee tables and shelves for the living room, bedroom, and hallway for your reference.

Coffee Table
A coffee table that is not too tall or short is always the perfect choice for a sofa. This industrial coffee table combines fascinating features of North American furniture: modern design, durability, sturdy frame, eco-friendly materials and functionality. The black metal frame and brown MDF board results in industrial style design that can help you easily achieve industrial retro style decoration in your home. If you’re looking to fill your room with matching furniture, we also have several small side tables of the same style to match this coffee table.

Small Side Table
This industrial-style small side table is a very stylish option that can be perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. The industrial-style coffee table is designed to meet the needs of modern homeowners and offers great convenience for small spaces. You can decorate your room however you like with this side table. The design of this side table provides plenty of storage for the room while not taking up a lot of space next to the sofa, nor making your bedroom feel crowded. You can place books, lamps, flowers and some different types of small pieces on the table. Although good decoration requires a bit of skill, it certainly won’t be difficult for you. As long as you keep trying, there will always be a perfect match.

Ladder Shelf 
When you choose furniture at VASALGE, this leaning ladder bookcase should be one of the many pieces you consider choosing. It's a great choice for displaying pictures and other small decorations. Make it a home for all of your framed photos of different sizes and finishes. You can also place your favorite decorations, books, or plants on it.