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      Motorized Aluminum Venetian Blinds Solution

      Indoor motorized aluminum venetian uses aluminum alloy curtain, through the coil system to drive the curtain body up and down operation and curtain piece turn over, play the role of light regulation and guidance, sun shading and heat insulation and decoration and beautification. Indoor blinds are installed in indoor or double-glazed rooms, with long service life, easy to clean and maintain (no wind influence), easy to install, low cost (relative to outdoor blinds), and no impact on the building structure; Dynamic use with optimized combination of high reflection glass or double breathing curtain wall glass.
      Indoor motorized blinds are widely used in office buildings, hotels, study, conference room partition, bathroom or league wash room partition and other places. Indoor blinds can be used alone or combined with other window decoration products.
      Aluminum alloy shutter: color, aperture size and thermal radiation effect of fabric coating as the main selection basis; Light regulation and sun shading and heat insulation as the main function appeals; Mainly used in business office buildings, conference rooms, etc. The waterproof properties of the curtain are used more and more in the hotel room partition: the width of the curtain is mainly 25mm and 35mm, the maximum is not more than 50mm.

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