Frequently Asked Questions

Sure you can.take to us if want expedited shipping

For custom orders,we will start producting after receive your order.You are allowed to cancel your order in 12 hours after order placed.

Please reach out to customer service on the product you are inquiring about and we will be more than happy to give you an update on the product you are looking for!

We price our custom curtains reasonably, usually 30-50% lower than traditional retailer. Check out our custom order page and you will get instant pricing. We also have a how to order step by step guide to help navigate: how to order blog.

We offer free shipping option for specific order amount.your order might be charged different shipping cost due to the different address and order amount.

We offer Free swatches. No payment required for the sample. Swatches will be shipped either the same or next business day using different fowarder, but you need pay for shipping cost.

We source our fabrics directly from the manufacturer.They do not contain any harmful substances and are in harmony with the environment.

Sure! Email us at or leave a message and we will get back to you within 12 hours. For immediate assistance, check out our curtain design guidelines, where you can find answers on how to measure curtains, how to pick fabrics and colors etc.

Please browse our curtain rod catalog and if you decide to buy a certain product, tell us with a screenshot and we will offer the best price

We iron all the curtains before we pack them into a box, however, certain fabrics are more prone to wrinkles during the packing and shipping process.We suggest you hang them up after receiving them and use a portable steamer to steam it if necessary, .If you would like to use an iron, please set the temperature to low to avoid leaving marks on the curtains. 

Textile banks or clothing banks are an easy way to make sure your curtains will either be repurposed for the raw materials or donated to charity. Clothing and textile banks are dotted across most towns, sometimes found in supermarkets, car parks or in strategic positions within citie

Sure,pls reach out to us via email or leave a message here .