How To Order Step By Step

How to order custom curtains (step by step)

It can be intimidating to get curtains that are created to order, but don't worry—we are here to assist!

Searching for images of inspiration is an excellent place to start. Visit our "INSPIRATION" to view the various looks and find inspiration. Consider what will go well with the furniture and wall colours in your room.

We're now prepared to walk you through the procedure in four simple phases after you have a clear idea of the style you want.


Ripplefold, Stark - Taupe

Inverted box pleat, Nest - Cotton White

Tailored Pleat - Double, Spa - White

Tailored Pleat - Triple, Grace - Soft White, Front (left), Back (right)

French Pleat - Double, Lush - Soft Sand (left), Luster - White (right)

French Pleat - Triple, Flow - White

Grommet, Flow White (left), Valencia - Subtle Gray (right)

Rod Pocket - Tape, Flow - White, Front (left), Back (right)

Rod Pocket - Fold Over, Breeze - White, 2x fullness (left), 1.5x fullness (right)


Here are some things to think about before you begin taking the measurement.

1. What number of panels do you want to cover the window with?

2. Do you prefer the curtains to be hung on the wall or the ceiling?

3. How about the way the curtains kiss the floor?

4. Do you want to extend the rod so that when the curtains are fully open, they won't block the window?

You can navigate the various options and styles with the help of our comprehensive measurement guide to make sure you measure for the ideal, personalised fit.


Consider the hues, the materials, and the amount of light you want to let in.Do you require the curtains to block off light or to create privacy? Would you like it if the curtains were subtle or the centre of attention?

In order for you to experience our textiles in your own home and choose which materials and hues will work best for your room, we offer "Free Swatches." We provide "free samples". Just click "SWATCH" on the navigation bar to quickly summarize our fabric information.

For 100% blackout curtains, you can either select a fabric from our Solid or Stark 100% blackout fabric collections, or you can add 100% blackout lining to any of our fabrics on the ordering page.


Simply enter your measurements, preferred fabric, colour, heading, lining, and quantity of panels to instantly receive a quote. Remember that the only heading styles that lack built-in fullness are Grommet and Rod Pocket - Tape or Fold Over, thus in order to get the desired fullness for these two heading styles, double your coverage/rod width by 1.5 to 2.5.