Think Before Buy

Ask  yourself

Although a regular window decorations can cover a bare window, it may not meet other needs you may have. It is not enough for window decorations to be aesthetically pleasing. They also need to have privacy, light-shielding properties, sound-absorbing properties, etc.Please take some time to think about the following questions.When you discuss with a window design expert, they will ask you for your opinion on the following questions.The better prepared you are, the more satisfied you will be with the results. 

Existing decoration

  • What do you dislike among the existing window decorations?
  • Think quickly. What kind of window decorations do you dream of? Are there any ideas that immediately come to your mind? Write it down for future reference.
  • Where are your windows?
  •  What's on the window now? Do you find it easy to move? Would you like to leave some space to keep it?
  • What are the approximate dimensions of your windows?
  • Are your windows a non-traditional shape? (e.g. bay windows, bow windows, transoms, etc.). Are there mismatched windows in the same room? 

Common Problems

  • Have you ever thought about budgeting? Do a little research online you'll find that the cost of decorating varies greatly.
  • Do you use this window often? If so, how often do you use window decorations or window openings once a day, once a week, or once a month?
  • Think about sound. Would you like fabric next to the windows to help absorb sound if the room is noisy?
  •  Who is in your home? Children, pets, adults, the elderly? How might window coverings affect your family?
  • Are you interested in motorized window decorations? Consider motorized applications, especially for window treatments that are in hard-to-reach locations or difficult to maneuver. 
  • Would you consider hiring an interior designer or window decoration designer? 

Required Quality

  •  How long do you expect this decoration to last?
  • Does it need to be moisture-proof?
  • What safety issues will you encounter? (e.g. Do you have children or pets at home?)
  • Do you support "green" environmentally friendly design? (If so, would you like to choose a curtain made with environmentally friendly technology?)
  • How important is energy saving? 

Timing & Installation

  •  How quickly do you want your window treatments to be installed?
  •  Do you want to install it yourself, or hire someone to do it?
  •  Are you sure you can accurately measure your window dimensions? 

Design Concept

  • If you are satisfied with the current room design, how can you make this new curtain match the original design?
  • If you are completely remodeling your room, what is your design style? Do you prefer a soft and romantic feeling or a warm and traditional look? 
  • Would you rather make this window more prominent or more discreet?
  •  Do you want to preserve some of the view (e.g. privacy while still being able to soak up the sun?)
  •  Are there any architectural obstructions such as window rolls, radiators, unsightly moldings, light switches, etc.?
  • Does your room have an odd look? For example, the ceiling is very low or narrow. 

Finishes, Colors & Patterns

  • Think about the material. Compared with smooth horizontal blinds and lace rolling sunshades, would you choose thick velvet skirt curtains? Different materials will show different effects.
  •  Pattern can add interest and depth to a room with a simple design, or make a room appear smaller or wider. What are your thoughts on decorative fabric patterns? Do you prefer striped fabrics, gingham fabrics, or dainty little embellishments?
  • Color can tie together different elements in a home with a unifying tone, make it stand out or soften some hard lines. Which colors are your favorite? How can they satisfy your design plan? 

Maintenance & Care 

  • Which stain, dust or odor control measures are you concerned about?
  • Will your animals scratch the window decoration and look outside?
  • Will fabric on windows be affected by direct sunlight?
  • Are you a smoker and do you have a wood burning fireplacein the room?