Everything Looks Better in Wood: 5 Wooden Blinds Design Ideas

You walk over to your blinds and roll them up to let in a little bit of sunshine. When you do, the cord breaks and the blinds fall to the ground. Plastic blinds tend to do this at a higher rate than wooden ones.

A lot of people think about using wooden blinds but avoid them because they’re not sure how to incorporate them into their home design. While the thought is warranted, wood actually goes with more than you would think. 

To help you with your design endeavor, here are a few ways that you can make wooden blinds work in your home.

1. Do You Want to Match

The first thing that you will have to decide when it comes to wooden blinds is what sort of finish you want. You can choose to have it match your floors, furniture, or baseboards. 

A lot of people tend to go with a color that is lighter than these things and use the blinds as an accent. It’s completely up to you. 

2. Slat Size

Slats not only contribute to the overall look of your home, but it also determines how the blinds function. For example, if you go with larger slats these tend to let in more light and give you less privacy when they’re are tilted. 

Smaller slats let in less light but they will give you privacy. It all depends on what matters more to you.  

3. Consider White 

Just because you’re getting wooden blinds doesn’t mean you have to go with a wooden finish. You can get blinds that have been painted white. There are a couple of advantages with going with white paint rather than a wooden finish. 

White goes with anything so you won’t have to consider the blinds when you’re deciding what to paint your rooms. White also tends to reflect more light so your small rooms will look larger. 

4. Soften Things Up a Bit

You might second guess wooden blinds because you’re afraid they’re too cold or solid. You can soften things up in your room a little bit if this is your worry.

All you have to do is pair the blinds with the right furniture. Soft textures and warm colors are usually the way to go. Getting the blinds in warmer wood finishes like oak also tend to soften things up. 

5. Bamboo 

You may not think of bamboo as wood per se but it actually does qualify as such. It’s becoming a huge design trend because of how eco-friendly it is and how it tends to go with just about everything.