The Ultimate Guide to Buying Drapery Hardware

drapery and curtain hardware

Choosing drapery hardware for your window treatments can be very rewarding. When selected and installed correctly, your entire living space will be upgraded to a whole new level of beauty and sophistication. As experts in drapery hardware, we at Drapery Rods Direct are here to help you make the right decisions when purchasing hardware for your draperies.

What is Drapery and Curtain Hardware?

The term drapery hardware refers to several items—typically including a drapery rod, wall brackets, curtain rings, finials or end caps, and decorative or standard traverse rails. These components allow your draperies to function well and provide a beautiful finishing touch to your room. Whether you are searching for a contemporary look or a more traditional style, there are many options to choose from. While the number of styles, colors, etc. can be overwhelming, Drapery Rods Direct can help you get the look you want—and the functionality you need. If you're wondering how to measure for curtain rods, check out our Help Center.

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At Drapery Rods Direct, we carry a wide selection of Kirsch Drapery Hardware. For more than 100 years, Kirsch has retained its place as one of the best drapery hardware manufacturers in the industry. Kirsch hardware is not only beautiful but high quality. Elegant and reliable, Kirsch’s wide selection of drapery hardware coordinates with any interior, no matter your style. Kirsch Drapery Hardware is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any space. This flexibility is why so many households across the country and beyond utilize Kirsch products.

How to Select Drapery Hardware

When you are wondering how to select drapery hardware, it’s vital that you consider several things:

First, how do you want the draperies to function? Will they be installed over a window, or a door? Do you want them to be stationary and purely decorative, or do you want to open and close them on a regular basis? These factors will affect what type of curtain rods will be best for you

Second, how do you want your draperies to look? Drapery hardware is like jewelry for the room. The color, size, and shape of your rod, brackets, and finials should be chosen to enhance the style of the entire space. Do you want something that is bold, modern, and streamlined, or warm and traditional? If you are considering a decorative drapery rod with finials, you may want to choose those first, as they can become an interesting focal point for your window. Then, this choice will drive the rest of your selections.

Third, you need to consider the quality of the drapery hardware. A well-made drapery rod is reliable as well as beautiful for years to come. This is where Kirsch products come in.

Curtain Hardware for Window Treatments

Drapery Hardware For Sliding Glass Doors

When selecting curtain rods for your sliding glass doors, you should consider:

The height of your sliding doors — This will determine the diameter of the drapery rod. Generally, a sliding door is 80 inches high, and you will want to add four inches or more to that measurement so that the top hem of the draperies and curtain hardware are not visible from the outside.

The width of your sliding doors — Most sliding doors are between 60 and 72 inches wide. Depending on the style and fabric of the draperies, you will want to add four or more inches to each side (or one side, if the draperies move one way) so that the draperies will stack off the glass when opened.

The style of hardware — While you want the rods to enhance the style and fabric of the draperies as well as the other elements in your room, you will need to consider what material will offer the functionality you need. Some rods will require extra support along the way, so you may have to choose a bypass C-ring or a larger-diameter rod in order for the draperies to open and close properly. Or perhaps a traverse rod (controlled by a cord) will be best for your installation.

Drapery Hardware For Very Wide Windows

drapery hardware for wide windows

When choosing drapery hardware for very wide windows, think about the following:

Height and width of the windows — Windows vary a lot in size. When you have wide windows and you want a functioning drapery rod system, you will have to consider how the draperies will be attached to the rod. Grommet, tab top, and back tab draperies cannot move past supports, and most wide windows will need center support brackets. Kirsch offers two metal collections with bypass center brackets in tandem with bypass C-rings that can allow draperies to move across the supports. Larger-diameter rods can span wider spaces with fewer supports. The tracks on traverse rods allow the carriers to move without interference from the support brackets.

Finial size — If you are using a rod that requires finials, check the length of the finials to see how many inches they will extend beyond the end of the rod. If your installation is close to a wall, cabinet, etc. you may want to use simple end caps or a small finial to polish off your look.

Drapery Hardware For Very Tall Windows

drapery hardware for tall windows

If your windows extend high up on the wall, consider these factors:

The height of the windows — Where will the rod be placed? Will the draperies cascade to the floor? Will they be functioning? Or will they simply dress the window? It can be difficult to hand-draw very long draperies.

The quality of the rods — Just as you need bigger and heavier draperies for tall windows, you will need bigger, sturdier curtain hardware. Look for two- or three-inch diameter wood, Estate traverse rods, or Wrought Iron drapery hardware.

Curtain Hardware for Drapes

Drapery Hardware For Grommet Panels

Grommet drapery panels are a popular choice for draperies as they are readily available, open and close easily, and do not require rings or traverse rods. However, they can limit your options in drapery hardware. Consider the following:

Grommet size — Is the grommet large enough to move freely on the rod of your choice? You will need to measure across the inside center of the grommet to find its diameter. The rod diameter should be at least ¼ inch smaller than the grommet.

Color — Do you want a rod that matches or contrasts with the grommet?

Height of installation — Grommet draperies must be moved by hand, and the taller the drapery, the harder it is to move. If you want a two-story window to have functioning draperies, grommet draperies are very likely not going to work.

Width of installation — Grommet draperies cannot move past a center support, so they are not a practical choice when you want them to open and close on a wide window unless you are willing to split the installation into several sections.

Drapery Hardware For Pinch-Pleat Panels

If you have selected pinch-pleated draperies, here is what you need to think about:

Functionality — A traverse rod is the best option for pinch-pleated draperies that will be opened and closed frequently, especially if the draperies are very long. The draperies are pinned into carriers on the rod which runs along a track either at the bottom or the back of the rod. You can also move the draperies with batons or wands on a rod with rings.

Aesthetics — Do you prefer metal rods or wood? Do you want the rods to fade into the wall color, or provide sharp contrast and a focal point? Kirsch offers many options in both traverse rods and rings on wood or metal rods.

Drapery Hardware for Rod Pocket/Flat Panel Draperies

Many drapery panels are available with multiple-use options such as tabs and rod pockets. These panels can also be installed on traverse rods or rings with drapery pin hooks, offering many options for both functioning and stationary installations. You will need to consider the following:

Operation — Rod-pocket draperies do not move easily and are best for stationary installations. For these installations, you can use plain metal rods that are designed to be completely covered with fabric, or decorative curtain rods if you want the rod or finials to show. If you are using back tabs, the rod must be of a diameter that will fit inside the tabs and will allow them to move easily if that is what you want. Flat panels can also be used with rings—you would place a drapery pin in the back of the header, or top hem of the drapery, and slip the hook portion of the pin into the eye on the ring. Kirsch also offers clips with many styles of rings, so a flat panel also can simply be clipped onto the ring.

Width of Installation — Rod-pocket and tab styles cannot move past a bracket, so if you want them to cover a wide window, you will have to break the span up into sections that coordinate with the bracket placement.

Style — Will your rod show, or not? What would enhance your room and the drapery fabric? Kirsch offers drapery rods in many finishes, including black and white, to coordinate with any interior style. Kirsch Lockseam rods allow the fabric to take center stage and not show at all. For valances, Kirsch makes extended-clearance rods that can go over other drapery treatments.

Drapery Hardware for Corner and Bay Windows

corner curtain rods

Along with the above considerations for your drapery style, when looking for a rod that can achieve an angle, check the following:

Functionality — Do you need a rod that will accommodate curtains that will move, or will they be stationary? Do you have enough room to mount the rod above the window frame, or do you need to use a ceiling mount?

Style — Will the rod be covered with a rod-pocket drapery, or do you want a decorative rod with finials? Kirsch offers corner options for rod-pocket styles in Lockseam curtain rods, including multiple-layer treatments. Swivel sockets, often called elbows, are available in both metal and wood Kirsch drapery rod collections.

How to Install Drapery Hardware

The prospect of installing curtain rod can be daunting. However, taking your time and having all your tools ready will help. You will require the following:

  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Level
  • Toggle bolts, or proper wall anchors for your installation
  • Screws

For metal drapery rods with or without rings: Mockup your installation with the rings on the rod, if using them. Measure from the bottom of the rod to where the drapery will hang on the ring. For rod-pocket curtains, insert the rod, then measure from the bottom of the rod to the bottom hem of the drapery.

For rings, add to that measurement the length of the draperies, plus an inch or so if you do not want the fabric to puddle or break on the floor. This is the distance from the floor to where the bottom of the scoop on the rod will be. Place a mark on the wall in the center of the window at that measurement.

Next, measure the width of the window and subtract that from the width of the rod. Divide the difference in half, and measure out from the edge of the window that distance, and straight up to the first mark. This will be where the bottom of the rod will sit, and the marks indicate the two ends of the rod. You may want to mount the brackets closer together in order to accommodate the rings or tabs on the draperies.

For metal brackets, place a bracket so that the outside of the bracket at the bottom of the scoop is lined up with your mark. Mark the hole in the bottom of the bracket. For wood brackets, the bottom hole of the metal plate is approximately one half-inch from the bottom of the scoop. The metal plates are applied to the wall and the wood section of the bracket is slid down over them so that the screws in the wood section fit into the keyholes on the plates. Check to make sure the installation will be level. Floors, ceilings, even windows are often not straight!

Drill a hole where you marked. Insert your toggle bolt or wall anchor, and loosely screw the bracket or plate into the hole. Mark the second hole, drill, anchor, and attach the bracket or plate.

Place the rod on the brackets to ensure that it is level. If using rings, tabs, or grommets, take down the rod and slide rings, tab draperies, or grommet draperies onto the rod. Screw on finials, and place rod on brackets. Add draperies if using rings.

Curtain Rod Hardware

At Drapery Rods Direct, our curtain rod hardware is made of materials of excellent quality. Our Kirsch collections feature curtain rods and curtain hardware that meet the highest standard. This curtain hardware is durable, decorative, and will stand the test of time. You can enjoy having Kirsch curtain rods in your home securing your draperies while also adding an extra layer of decor to your space.

Wood Curtain Hardware & Accessories

To serve the wide-ranging needs of our customers, Drapery Rods Direct carries a variety of materials when it comes to curtain hardware. For those with spaces in a traditional and welcoming atmosphere, our wood curtain hardware and accessories will add another layer of coziness in your room. Browse our Wood Drapery Hardware below:

Wood Trends Drapery Hardware

1 3/8", 2"

wood trends collection

Metal Curtain Hardware & Accessories

For customers seeking to enhance the modern and elegant style of their homes, our metal curtain hardware and accessories are up to the challenge. These decorative curtain rods feature craftsmanship that will reflect your contemporary lifestyle. Browse our metal curtain rods below:

Wrought Iron Collection
1", 1 3/8"

wrought iron collection

Designer Metals

designer metals collection

Also included in our Decorative Metals Collection are the Orion Collection and DRD Elemental Collection

Where to Buy Drapery or Curtain Hardware

If you are looking for well-made, high-quality drapery hardware, look no further than Drapery Rods Direct. With a wide selection of curtain rod hardware including curtain rod brackets, rings, finials, poles, and other drapery hardware, we can provide you with an elegant, practical, functional solution for any drapery dilemma.

You will not find a better selection of curtain rods and curtain hardware accessories anywhere else.

If you are looking to buy drapery hardware, Drapery Rods Direct is the perfect place to start. We carry curtain rods, rings, tabs, grommets, and all other types of curtain rod hardware so that you can find everything you need in one place.

We also offer a variety of hardware for drapes sets, so that you can maintain a consistent look throughout your home. With our designer metals, wrought iron, wood, and elemental collections, you are sure to find the perfect curtain rods for your space.

Whether you are starting from scratch or undertaking a home makeover project, updating your curtain rod hardware will make all the difference in your space! So what are you waiting for? Discover our incredible selection today.