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      Motorized Honeycomb Blinds Solution

      Honeycomb shade is also called organ shade, its inspiration from the most perfect architecture "honeycomb design", the product has outstanding performance in dimming, shading, heat preservation, convenient use. In the middle of fixed cellular static air layer is very thick, completely cut off from the window on both sides of the heat conduction, heat preservation and heat insulation .It has the incomparable function .Different fabric on both sides and the light is filtered and diffused twice ,makes the room more comfortable .With special waterproof treatment of different fabrics, you can easily obtain the dimming requirements of all gradients from flexible yarn level to full shading, is an expert in room light control, suitable for use in the room, living room, kitchen, toilet and other environmental conditions.
      Honeycomb curtain as a decorative indoor curtain, more and more favored by hotels and high-end residences, it has the following characteristics:
      • Heat insulation and heat preservation, air static solid layer formed by holes in honeycomb fabric brings extraordinary heat insulation and heat preservation effect;
      - Noise isolation, honeycomb hole can play a good noise isolation effect, create a quiet and comfortable home environment
      ~ Block uv rays, blocking up to 99% uv rays, effectively protect furniture
      - Variety of styles, honeycomb curtain fabrics are transparent, semi-transparent, light isolation and other styles: in color, texture and printing rich choice:
      • Easy to maintain, the fabric is antifouling and antistatic treatment, usually only need to use a portable vacuum cleaner or wet cloth after wiping.

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