Motorized curtain is a new generation product of manual fabric curtains, it is normally applied to large size Window, with exquisite craft and elegant appearance, it becomes the best fashionable choice for hotels, meeting rooms, business center and modern homes.


Just about any window attachment that is adjustable can be automated: shades, screens, awnings, shutters, and draperies. Automation includes motors, sensors, controls, and timers. Motors can raise-and-lower, tilt, or both. Both controls and power can be wireless, the former using radio frequency technology and the latter using battery technologies. Today’s window attachment motors and batteries are typically concealed and protected in the roller tubes of the attachment and operation of the newer motors is approaching “noiseless" operation.


• AC/DC tubular motor are optional to be the automation devices
• Select motor types and models according to load weight, lifting height, cost and other factors;
• To meet the overall shading requirements, special shading slots can be installed on both sides of the rolling curtain:
Low noise of motor, simple and convenient adjustment of stroke, accurate and reliable stroke control
• When the curtain is high or tilted, the guide rail or traction shading, semi-shading and other types of curtain fabric.
wire rope is used, the curtain can be up to 20m;
• With the support bracket can achieve a motor to drive multiple curtains;
• According to the height of the curtain, you can choose the diameter of 55mm. 63mm, 70mm and other special aluminum tube for the curtain:
• According to the environmental requirements, you can choose