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      Motorized Roof Curtain Solution

      The system uses a-OK tubular motor, using A spring and A tubular motor; One end of the fabric is attached to a spring-loaded coil. The coil of steel rope at the other end of the fixed fabric is mounted on another reel equipped with a tubular motor coil. The motor provides power and the spring provides rewinding elasticity, thus keeping the tension in operation or at rest. After the curtain is completely opened, the fabric will be rolled on the spring coil tube, and the system selects the curtain fabric with certain tensile strength. According to the use of different occasions, can choose switch control, infrared remote control, radio remote control and intelligent control. Control mode can be controlled individually and group control.
      Indoor roof curtain is assembled by motor and transmission device, supporting components and curtain fabric. And the Angle between the curtain and the horizontal plane is less than 75, used for transparent roof in the horizontal, inclined and curved state of the building shading device. Roof shade includes scroll type canopy shade, folding canopy shade, 100 fold type canopy shade, shutter type canopy shade. Scroll type canopy curtain, divides into FTS canopy curtain and FSS canopy curtain.
      Product functions: sunshade, anti-glare, prevent indoor greenhouse effect, reduce energy consumption.
      Application: glass roof, pergolas, etc.

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