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      Roller Blinds Solution

      Motorized roller blind is a kind of driving by the AC or DC tubuar motor with the intelligent remote control system. It can be up and down with the power switch, simple operation ‚quiet and stable work ,is the upgrade of manual rolling blinds products
      The motor is directly installed in the aluminum alloy coil tube which not only reduces the volume of the curtain box and the transmission link of the force ,but also avoids the external influence on the motor and the increases the reliability of the mechanism
      The coil is made of high quality aluminum alloy material with high strength and not easy to deform .The surface is anodized to prevent aging and corrosion .The mounting bracket is made of high-strength alloy steel with high bending and shearing strength to ensure the safety and reliability of the installation of the mechanism.
      Motorized roller blind is installed in indoor or double glass room to avoid adverse effects from the outside and improve the service life of system. It can block the sunshine in summer and reduce the load of air conditioning and adjust the visual comfort in winter. If use the radio remote control or intelligent building control ,can achieve a variety of intelligent control methods to meet the high quality requirements of users.
      The motorized roller blind can be used in the form of "one drag more", adding a balance or universal joint in the mechanism ,then the motor can drag multiple pairs of fabrics at the same time .
      When the motor is running, several pieces of fabric move up and down together to achieve better shading and sunshade effect. The advantages of reducing the failure rate of institutions and reducing engineering costs are also very prominent. In the modern intelligent building, the control system of the electric coil can also be connected with the control center of the building, which is convenient to achieve long-distance large-scale centralized control .


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