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      Motorized Vertical Curtain Solution

      Motorized vertical curtain adopts the structure of swing page, the page can be 170° rotation, through the motor mechanical transmission mode to achieve the curtain dimming and retraction, not only can adjust the indoor light freely, but also ventilation, and can achieve the purpose of shading. Motorized vertical curtain sets practical sense of the Times and artistic feeling in one, It is popular in the office buildings, government agencies and public places because of its warm, elegant and generous.
      Motorized curtain as a decorative indoor curtain, it mainly has the following characteristics:
      • Dc motor, low noise, high efficiency, long life;
      - Built-in switching power supply, suitable for wide voltage range;
      Sensitive overload protection function, when the track is blocked, curtain stuck or curtain pulled, the operation automatically stop;
      - Aluminum alloy curtain, high strength, better weather resistance;
      • Independent curtain hanging system, can be in the range of 170° arbitrary limit curtain turning Angle, while maintaining ventilation at the same time arbitrary control of light intensity.

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