Explore Your Drapery Hardware Selection

Choosing the right rod and other hardware can make a difference in how your curtains look and hang. Select a rod that complements your home and drapery style. A rod can provide a decorative accent to your curtains or remain hidden and simply provide support. Finishing touches like finials can set off the look.

Inspirated By Our Rich Gallery Before You Decide Your Curtains Solution

Curtain ideas are essential for most homes; practical as well as super versatile, your curtains can really make or break a scheme, so thinking carefully about the design, shape and style of the curtains in your space is important.

Curtains work brilliantly at pulling a scheme all together, they can hold colors and patterns found in the rest of the room and create a unified, cohesive look with one swift swish. They can also be used to help accentuate the height of a room, the appearance of average windows, and adding much needed texture to a plain and simple space.

When planning window treatment ideas, curtains can bring in beautiful texture, color and pattern, as well as act as simple and neutral coverings, so whether you want a subtle touch that no one really notices, or a stand-out focal point, there are many options for all.